C4 Balance sheet of M3 institutions

28 February 2017 03:00 p.m.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
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Total Liabilities 447,662 476,533 492,375 494,388 492,134 496,579 495,804
NZ dollar funding
NZ resident 261,242 282,188 291,829 296,456 297,896 300,058 298,777
Non-resident 33,994 34,614 32,978 33,213 33,622 34,496 35,166
Total 295,236 316,802 324,807 329,669 331,518 334,554 333,943
Foreign currency funding
NZ resident 8,096 9,824 8,970 8,954 9,036 9,448 9,248
Non-resident 72,057 73,910 76,767 77,284 76,265 80,544 77,614
Total 80,154 83,734 85,737 86,238 85,301 89,993 86,861
Capital & reserves
Capital & reserves 32,067 34,857 35,966 36,440 36,802 36,840 37,184
Other liabilities
Other liabilities 40,206 41,140 45,866 42,040 38,514 35,192 37,817
Liability memo items
Funding from associates 29,711 26,867 20,249 21,441 21,436 21,508 21,014
Total non-resident funding 106,052 108,524 109,745 110,497 109,887 115,041 112,779
Total Assets 447,662 476,533 492,375 494,388 492,135 496,579 495,804
Government securities & cash
NZ Government bonds & Treasury bills 12,889 12,079 13,540 13,709 13,968 13,491 14,363
NZ notes & coin 697 791 689 718 685 926 704
Claims on the Reserve Bank 8,542 8,580 6,983 7,438 7,379 10,886 8,116
NZ dollar claims
NZ resident (M3 institutions) 14,482 14,950 13,282 13,227 12,660 12,619 12,155
NZ resident (non-M3) 342,082 366,906 385,178 388,888 389,665 391,156 393,098
Non-resident 12,824 15,910 14,259 15,723 16,167 17,399 17,522
Total 369,387 397,765 412,719 417,838 418,492 421,174 422,774
Foreign currency claims
NZ resident 3,653 3,655 3,940 3,723 3,446 3,490 3,625
Non-resident 8,100 8,441 5,923 5,899 7,145 7,488 7,062
Total 11,753 12,096 9,863 9,621 10,590 10,978 10,687
Other assets
Foreign currency fixed assets and equity investment - - 1 1 1 1 1
Shares in NZ companies 132 6 7 7 7 16 16
Other assets 44,262 45,216 48,574 45,057 41,014 39,107 39,144
Asset memo items
Financial claims on associates 7,880 9,124 5,590 6,023 6,519 8,371 7,831
Total non-resident claims 20,924 24,351 20,182 21,621 23,312 24,887 24,584

The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

Table C4 provides an aggregated balance sheet of M3 institutions.

Data are published as end of month figures in millions of New Zealand dollars.


Balance sheet figures reported by the surveyed financial institutions conform to generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand. In particular, values may be at book or ‘marked to market' according to appropriate practice for the instruments involved.

The resident/non-resident distinction in these tables is based on the geographical location of respondents and counterpart transactions. To facilitate statistical reporting however, the New Zealand income tax rules on residency are accepted as an approximation.




Released on or before the last business day of the month after the end of the reference month.

Access by the public

Statistics release calendar

The Statistics Release Calendar is updated and released on the last business day of the month. This is a long-term plan of scheduled releases.


Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including confidentiality of individual responses

Data are collected under Section 36 of The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989 (The Act).

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand publishes only aggregated data. Individual institutional data is confidential.

Provision of information about revisions and advance notice of major changes in methodology

Provisional data are italicised. Data are deemed provisional when a series is under review. New data, or revised data, are in bold font. Revisions are generally published when the table is next due to be updated and released. Should revisions need to be made more promptly, a note is posted on the website as a ‘special note'.

Any major changes in methodology are posted on the website as a special note.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

Changes to the way monetary and credit aggregates have been compiled since 30 June 1998 are explained in Financial Statistics, June 1998 Vol 1, No 2.

Dissemination of statistics that support statistical cross-check and provide assurance of reasonableness

For an alternative breakdown of the money and credit aggregates see the "Aggregated M3 Standard Statistical Return" (SSR) as it was disseminated until November 2004 (the structure has not changed, but the SSR is no longer provided).

Disclosure statements published by registered banks offer checks for reasonableness. Links to registered bank websites can be found in the Banks section of this site.

List of M3 institutions included in published monetary and credit aggregates

  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • M3 institutions
    • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
    • ANZ Investment Services (New Zealand) Limited (Bonus Bonds Unit Trust)
    • ASB Bank Limited
    • Bank of New Zealand
    • Citibank N.A, New Zealand Branch
    • Deutsche Bank AG, New Zealand (no longer included in M3 from 1 August 2016)
    • GE Finance and Insurance (no longer included in M3 from 1 September 2015)
    • The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, New Zealand branch
    • Kiwibank Limited
    • Rabobank New Zealand Limited and Rabobank Nederland, New Zealand branch
    • Southland Building Society
    • TSB Bank Limited
    • Westpac Banking Corporation, New Zealand branch and Westpac New Zealand Limited

Updated October 2015

Unless otherwise specified, data are in New Zealand dollars.

M3 institutions

Financial institutions that are surveyed by the Reserve Bank in compiling the monetary aggregates are defined as M3 institutions.

New Zealand dollar funding

All deposit liabilities denominated in New Zealand dollars. New Zealand dollar funding includes funds received from the Reserve Bank. It excludes contingent liabilities from bill acceptances made on behalf of clients, as well as bills the reporting institutions have issued but have subsequently bought back and are not re-issued.

Foreign currency valuation rule

Foreign currency funding and claims items are normally converted into New Zealand dollars at the "mid-rates", or similar rate used by the respondent, applying at the end of the month.

New Zealand dollar and foreign currency claims

Lending by financial institutions. Claims include bill acceptances on balance sheet, repos and other agreements that are similar to collateralised loans.


Deposit liabilities of financial institutions.


Lending, either by loan or purchase of securities, by financial institutions.

Capital and reserves

Paid-in capital, retained earnings, reserves and provisions, and any other items commonly disclosed as equity under New Zealand financial reporting practices.

Other liabilities

The major component of this category is the gross value of derivative instruments, including foreign exchange hedges.

New Zealand government bonds and Treasury bills

Risk-free securities issued by the Crown to cover underlying differences between fiscal revenues and expenditures. Index-linked bonds are included.

Claims on the Reserve Bank

Claims by settlement institutions on the Reserve Bank.

Foreign currency fixed assets and equity investment

Offshore asset values in branch offices and ownership of subsidiaries.

Other assets

The major component of this category is the gross value of derivative instruments, including foreign exchange hedges.


Companies or organisations and individuals associated with each other are: any two entities which have substantially the same shareholders or are under the control of the same persons; any company which holds 20 percent or more of the paid up capital of another company (the associate). A subsidiary is an associate, as is a parent company.

The Reserve Bank has been working with registered banks since mid-2015 to develop a new registered bank balance sheet collection that will replace the existing Standard Statistical Return (SSR).

In March 2017 the SSR will be retired and the publication of the following tables will be discontinued:


Interest rates on funding and claims


Monetary aggregates


Credit aggregates


Monetary and credit aggregate components


Balance sheet of M3 institutions


Sector credit


Household credit


Household deposits


Banks: Balance Sheet ($m)


Banks: Funding by sector ($m)


Banks: Claims by sector ($m)


Banks: Mortgage lending ($m)

In the first week of April 2017 we will publish data from the new balance sheet collection for the first time. Our first publication is aimed at replacing key data currently published from the SSR. Later in 2017 we plan to publish other more detailed data collected from the new balance sheet collection.

More in depth information on the new balance sheet data can be viewed on our statistics news and updates page www.rbnz.govt.nz/statistics

If you have any questions, please contact us at stats-info@rbnz.govt.nz.

28 February 2017

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