C17 Household deposits

28 February 2017 03:00 p.m.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
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New Zealand dollar Foreign currency Total household deposits Memo item: PIE accounts
Date $m (Y/Y%) ($m)1 (Y/Y%)1 ($m)2 (Y/Y%) ($m)3 (Y/Y%)3
Previous years:
Jan 2015 134,464 9.5 2,419 6.4 136,882 9.4 10,125 9.7
Jan 2016 149,019 10.8 2,956 22.2 151,975 11.0 10,790 6.6
Feb 2016 149,218 10.1 2,871 20.1 152,089 10.3 10,705 5.0
Mar 2016 151,119 10.6 2,806 17.1 153,926 10.7 10,689 5.8
Apr 2016 152,168 10.6 2,877 17.8 155,045 10.7 10,598 4.4
May 2016 152,431 9.7 2,894 14.9 155,324 9.8 10,524 3.3
Jun 2016 153,191 8.9 2,803 10.9 155,993 9.0 10,431 1.4
Jul 2016 153,869 7.9 2,899 13.4 156,769 8.0 10,388 -1.3
Aug 2016 153,970 7.7 3,007 16.0 156,977 7.8 10,342 -2.2
Sep 2016 154,925 6.6 3,040 15.8 157,965 6.7 10,318 -2.7
Oct 2016 155,773 7.0 3,072 18.6 158,846 7.2 10,388 -2.2
Nov 2016 157,238 7.3 3,247 22.1 160,485 7.5 10,415 -1.7
Dec 2016 159,333 7.0 3,304 14.7 162,638 7.1 10,672 0.0
Jan 2017 159,076 6.7 3,226 9.1 162,302 6.8 10,732 -0.5
  1. Foreign currency deposits prior to December 2006 are RBNZ estimates and expressed in New Zealand dollars.
  2. Series break: Oct 08: $1859m; Oct 11: $1177m; Dec 12: $1,482m.
  3. Household deposits with registered banks invested through a PIE vehicle.

The Data: Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics

Data are published as end of month figures in millions of New Zealand dollars. The values are household deposits of New Zealand residents in registered banks, held in New Zealand dollar and foreign currency accounts.

Quarterly statistics for New Zealand dollar resident household deposits held with registered banks, deposit-taking and savings non-bank lending institutions can be found in table C17 Quarterly (C17a). Foreign currency deposits held at these institutions by households are not included in the quarterly table.




Released on or before the last business day of the month after the end of the reference month.

Access by the public

Statistics release calendar

The Statistics Release Calendar on the website is updated on the last working day of the month. This is a long-term plan of scheduled releases.


Dissemination of terms and conditions under which official statistics are produced, including confidentiality of individual responses

Data are collected under Section 36 of The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand publishes only aggregated data. Individual institutional data remain confidential subject to the Bank's legal obligations.

Provision of information about revisions and advance notice of major changes in methodology

Provisional data are italicised. Data are deemed provisional when a series is under review. New data are in bold font in the latest release. Revisions are generally published when tables are updated and released and are marked in bold.


Dissemination of documentation on methodology and sources used in preparing statistics

An Excel template is completed by registered banks monthly, and by non-bank lending institutions quarterly.

Dissemination of documentation that support statistical cross-check and provide assurance of reasonableness

Disclosure statements published by registered banks offer additional checks for reasonableness. Links to registered bank websites can be found in the NZ Banks section of this site.

Household deposits

New Zealand resident household deposits held in New Zealand dollar accounts.

Foreign currency New Zealand resident household deposits are expressed in New Zealand dollars. These deposits are held in accounts with registered banks. Prior to December 2006 foreign currency deposits are RBNZ estimates.

Quarterly household deposits (table C17 Quarterly)

Quarterly balances of New Zealand resident household deposits held in New Zealand dollar accounts with registered banks, deposit-taking and savings non-bank lending institutions. Foreign currency accounts are not included in the quarterly table.

PIE accounts

New Zealand resident household deposits with registered banks, invested through a Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) vehicle.

The Reserve Bank has been working with registered banks since mid-2015 to develop a new registered bank balance sheet collection that will replace the existing Standard Statistical Return (SSR).

In March 2017 the SSR will be retired and the publication of the following tables will be discontinued:


Interest rates on funding and claims


Monetary aggregates


Credit aggregates


Monetary and credit aggregate components


Balance sheet of M3 institutions


Sector credit


Household credit


Household deposits


Banks: Balance Sheet ($m)


Banks: Funding by sector ($m)


Banks: Claims by sector ($m)


Banks: Mortgage lending ($m)

In the first week of April 2017 we will publish data from the new balance sheet collection for the first time. Our first publication is aimed at replacing key data currently published from the SSR. Later in 2017 we plan to publish other more detailed data collected from the new balance sheet collection.

More in depth information on the new balance sheet data can be viewed on our statistics news and updates page www.rbnz.govt.nz/statistics

If you have any questions, please contact us at stats-info@rbnz.govt.nz.

28 February 2017

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0 Value rounded to zero
- Zero or not applicable
.. Not available
bold Revised/new
italics Provisional

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  • Percentage changes are calculated on unrounded numbers
  • You are free to copy, distribute and adapt these statistics subject to the conditions listed on our copyright page.

Household deposits