Non-bank deposit takers

This section provides information on the current development of the prudential regulation regime for non-bank deposit takers (NBDTs).
Provides a brief outline of the prudential regulation regime for NBDTs.
Sets out the various prudential requirements that NBDTs must comply with.
Provides a public register of licensed NBDTs and information about the licensing process.
Also in this section
Outlines initiatives currently under development including a second bill for NBDTs.
Outlines the Reserve Bank’s general policy position relating to exemptions of certain NBDTs, and regulations declaring a person to be, or not to be, an NBDT. It also sets out how an NBDT can apply for an exemption, as well as a list of exemptions granted and declarations made under the Act.
Information detailing the reviews which led to the decision for the Reserve Bank to be the sole regulator of the New Zealand financial system, including NBDTs.
Current publications and news releases relating to the prudential oversight of NBDTs.
Provides answers to help the general public understand the regime regarding NBDTs in New Zealand and includes a fact sheet to help investors understand credit ratings.