Security features of New Zealand's banknotes

Series 7 (Brighter Money)

With Series 7 banknotes now in circulation, it's important to be able to recognise their new security features, so it's a good thing that they are even easier for you to identify. Several features are brand new, and we've also enhanced some existing ones:

  • A larger window features a detailed metallic element
  • The native bird icon changes colour as the note is tilted, and a bar can be seen moving diagonally through the bird
  • A small ‘puzzle number' lines up when the note is held up to the light
  • Raised ink is still used on the large denomination-number.

Image of front of 10 dollar note outlining the security features

Image of back of 10 dollar note outlining the security features

View the security features in detail (PDF 2.1MB)

Series 6

Series 6 banknotes also have distinct security features that are easy to recognise. The following documents will help you identify their features and check that a banknote is real.

Compare Series 6 banknotes (PDF 1.07MB)

How to spot a counterfeit (PDF 1MB)

What should I do with a suspicious note?

If you're given a note you think does not have all the security features mentioned above, it's important to avoid handling it (so the police can try to trace the counterfeiter). Either refuse to accept the note or store it in a bag or envelope, then inform the police immediately.

Dealing with a suspicious note (PDF 320KB)