'On the money' video series

The Reserve Bank’s On the Money series is a collection of useful resources to explain important financial concepts. Community groups, schools and organisations involved in financial literacy are welcome to post a link to these resources on their websites or Facebook pages.

'On the Money'
Booms, busts and the way between
Booms, busts and the way between
Head of Macro Financial Stability, Bernard Hodgetts, explains the role of macro-prudential policy and the tools the Reserve Bank has to smooth out boom-bust cycles.
Risk, regulation and responsibilities
Risk, regulation and responsible choices
Head of Prudential Supervision, Toby Fiennes, explains how regulation helps to promote a sound and efficient financial system, and why everyone has a role to play.
Inflation - a thief in your wallet
Inflation — a thief in your wallet
Head of Economics, John McDermott, explains how inflation is measured and how it manifests itself in everyday life. He also explains the importance of maintaining price stability.